Eevee Cosplay with a Twist

This super adorable fluffy-nugget!

This week I’m going to cover a few things about my upcoming cosplay, Eevee, and how it changed from being a standard gijinka into a crazy mashup!!

I wanted to create a gijinka (a humanized idea of a non-human character) that would be a little more on the steampunk side. I had no clue how much research I was going to be doing to make sure that I am following the right steps ( while also not looking like I was thrown up out of a Halloween catalog)!

There are so many great Eevee gijinkas out there in the world! I was trying to research a way for this to be true to my own style, while making sure I didn’t look too much like I was copying someone else, or using an existing art design (such as Tamtamdi or SunsetDragon’s designs).

Let me tell you, brainstorming is one of the hardest parts of the cosplay process for me.

At first, I was going to sew a standard knee-length dress out of a suede fabric (for texture), and design a corset to be worn over the dress. I’d add accessories, too, such as shoulder armor, hat, goggles, etc. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t like the idea.

But then, I thought, What makes a steampunk costume cool? Robotic parts! Every costume I’ve seen that I have liked has had a robot-style arm. Could I even make something like that?

Credit: SkinzNhydez on Etsy

I started thinking about other versions of steampunk I’ve seen, because there seems to be no wrong way to do it. I thought of the hi-low hem, burlesque style skirts that I often see people wearing in steampunk. The outfit I was envisioning reminded me of an old-west saloon girl.

Before I knew it, I was planning more of a cowboy theme to go with my eevee costume than I was steampunk. But something about the futuristic pieces that scream “steampunk” was still nagging me. I want to do robot parts!I want to do some form of futuristic design! I WANT TO MAKE A ROBOT ARM.

And then, in the middle of the cleanroom at my job, it hit me.



Robot arm.

Brown color scheme.

His name even ends in “ee”!

Hold on to your butts! (Credit: Miguel Mercado)

I will become a walking pun!


…and now I have an entirely new process to go through. How am I going to blend these two characters into something recognizable? What have I done to myself.


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