The Mind of this Procrastinator


The ever-so-wonderful husband with bonus cat phone stand.

Recently, my ever-so-wonderful husband, Brett, showed me an article about procrastination.

A week or so later and I hadn’t read it yet, even though he swore it was a good read.

However, when I did finally get around to forcing myself to read it, it really opened up my eyes about how much I connected with what the author was saying. It’s an old entry from around 2013. I was afraid it would be a boring read, but I actually read through it pretty quickly.

Everything that the author said made sense to me. Not just as an outsider, but in a “that just happened to me yesterday” kind of sense.

I am constantly thinking up things that I want to do and try. I have about 6 cosplay projects planned (hello, McCrEevee and friends), numerous signs that I want to make for people, a couple of smaller crafts, making new decals for my Etsy store, plus I want to try learning the cello, continue learning photography, learn Japanese and Spanish (and probably Korean, too), keep my shop running and write/keep up with my blog.

The problem is, the list of things I want to do is so long that by the time I have time to do something, I can’t decide and just shut down, instead. I won’t even want to watch TV/Netflix/Hulu when I get like that and, other than sleeping, that’s the laziest thing I could do.

He brings up a good point in the article; any free time I have feels unearned and I feel guilty for not getting harder things (ie; “have-to-do” items like laundry, dishes, even cooking) accomplished. It just kind of derails you into feeling worthless and full of self-loathing.

I think the first step is realizing that there is an issue and learning to work with it. While I would much rather play Overwatch or watch TV for my entire day off (Oh, hi, couch, how I’ve missed you), I have to learn to put it down and do something productive. I don’t have many panic monsters in my life right now, so it makes it a little difficult finding my way out of the dark playground.

I guess what I’m saying is that it is a struggle keeping up with everything. I brought it on myself without any planning or preparation, so now I’m facing the consequences of that. I’m glad that Brett shared the article with me; I think it’s good advice and information for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

One step at a time, though!


Super rad peacekeeper pistol, hat badge and BAMF buckle from MoonProps on etsy!

Finishing McCrEevee’s tail is the first step on my long list and his 3D printed parts for the gun and belt buckle are on the way. I already have paint and brushes so I am ready to start!

Now if only the laundry would fold itself…


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