Vinyl Beginnings

My baaaaby! ❤

When Brett bought me a Silhouette for my birthday, I was ecstatic! I had been wanting one for so long. A previous acquaintance had a Cricut when I lived in California and I thought it was so amazing that you could cut out anything that you wanted. To think that this was before I knew you could make decals with them!

I had done the research and decided that the Silhouette interface was the one I wanted to go with and so far, I have loved (almost) every second!

So, I have to admit, when I first got it set up, I didn’t really read the instructions entirely. So when my machine would not stick with one thickness of cut, I panicked! Why is this not cutting all the way through here, but cutting into the mat here?! My first mat was nearly destroyed after a day because I didn’t read the instructions.

Make sure you push your blade into the holder until it clicks!

I thought I had installed it correctly, but there was one tiny little click left after I had installed it. As long as you do that, you’re already in a lot better shape than I was (and hopefully won’t need to buy another cutting mat so soon).


My first project was a D.VA decal for my Kitchenaid mixer. I had seen some other cool designs that people had done and just wanted something to reflect my personality. I even added her ultimate voice line for maximum cringe-worthy, eye-roll-inducing nerdiness.

AND, since I kept such good care of the inner vinyl, I used the leftovers to decorate my Cameo 3. Why waste a good cut?


Since then, I’ve managed to even get into making some home-y signs for my friends, mostly as gifts. I didn’t want to try selling any until I really knew what I was doing (which took a while).

They all signed it after I made it and gave it to her.

I’ve made quite a few different signs, now, using a mix of techniques. I finally found a method that works well for me. This “Be Safe; we love you” sign was my very first commissioned sign! We worked on a design together for my customer’s police officer niece. I really love the bold text!

I want to try making stencils to hand paint my designs, instead. I ordered some Oramask online for a decent price, I’m just waiting for the right opportunity to try it out.

Jenny and me…

I have tried the technique where you trace the design onto your sign to kind of emboss it, and then fill in the insides of the letters, but would like a more efficient way. This Forrest Gump inspired sign is the only one I have done using this method. While it turned out really well (my mother loved it so much!), my neck was out of whack for a while because of the care I had to put into not messing up the design! With the Oramask, I’ll be able to lay down a stencil and (mostly) haphazardly fill it in with paint. I won’t have to worry too much about the smaller details.

Vinyl cutting has opened an entirely new set of doors for me when it comes to crafting! If you’re looking at getting into vinyl designs, I wish you the best of luck!



You’ll be fine as long as you read the instructions.



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