Oops, I Did it Again… 

Do you remember when I mentioned that I always want to do ALL OF THE THINGS, but it makes me stressed? Every once in a while, I get hit with a dose of inspiration and can’t stop thinking about it.

This time, it’s learning to crochet.


Bonus: Yuki LOVES YARN.

My mother had been wanting to get back into crochet after a very long hiatus. I bought her a starter kit and a good book to help her get going for Mothers Day. Once I saw the kit in person, I started thinking about all of the times that my Grandma Mona would teach me to crochet. I would visit her and Papa in Idaho for a week or so every summer when I was growing up. She was always so patient and encouraging, and always had enough yarn for me to stay entertained for a while.

Mom was always close to them, too, even though she and my father divorced when I was really young. When I visited Papa before my cousin’s wedding, he told me, “We always considered Barbara to be our daughter.” I’m sure Mom’s inspiration for learning is similar to mine in that we both love seeing Grandma’s handiwork in her afghans and pillow covers. She always made the prettiest doilies, too!


Probably more crochet needles than I really need, but the snippers were a nice addition!

So I bought myself a set of crochet hooks and a couple of (massive) skeins of yarn.

After I had ordered everything (thank you oh amazing Amazon), I told my husband that I wanted to learn to crochet. His response was, “Oh, you’re going to learn another hobby?” 

It’s not really a secret. He knows that I get stressed when I have too much to pick from and that I get cranky as a side effect.

The thing about crochet is that you can take it virtually anywhere! I love being able to take my skein and hook to work, the DMV (ew, yuck, gross!), in the car, etc. It’s a productive hobby that I can take wherever I go.


Not bad, for a beginner, I’d say.

I have managed to make a couple of squares of single crochet and double crochet. I want to master those two techniques before I try anything more advanced, lest I become unmotivated. However, there’s not a lot of inspiration for larger projects using only these two crochet stitches.

Luckily, Kristine over at KristineinBetween.com has a great double crochet stitch blanket with stripes! She even tells you where to go to make a random stripe pattern using the colors you have on hand. Although, when I saw the colors of yarn I had procured (2 different creams, deep purple, and baby pink), I didn’t think my stripes would look nearly as professional as hers did.


Seriously, though, this gradient is beautiful!!

Instead, I am using a couple of skeins of yarn from Caron Cakes, specifically the Faerie Cake gradient color. I happened across them as I took my bi-weekly visit to Michaels. They were on an endcap and I just fell in love! They even have a pattern for knitting or crocheting on the packaging. I was surprised when I checked Joann Fabrics; they don’t carry the Caron Cakes yarn!

I love the light blue hue of the entire skein. I won’t have to do any striping by using it, which eliminated some extra steps. Now that I know that a double crochet blanket looks good, I can just make all the stitches until it’s the length I want. Plus, the color will fit in well with my home decor, so I can really put it anywhere!!



So far, the slight gradient is working well on the blanket! I can’t wait to post when I’m finished!!


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