Cleaning Challenges: ADHD Edition

I’ve been trying to make a consistent effort to reorganize my living spaces so that I have less stress. I feel like I owe a lot of that to writing this blog. I think writing every couple of weeks has made me more motivated. Before I started this, my home had zero organization and I was just a ball of stress all the time. This was magnified due to my ADHD, which makes focusing really difficult.

I’ve managed to get my ADHD at a controllable level since I graduated high school, but it always gets worse when I am faced with a task that I really don’t want to do. If it’s not fun, my brain steers me away from doing the task at hand.

Dishes in the sink? I won’t want to cook.

Paperwork all over my desk? I’ll watch TV instead of playing video games.

Craft supplies covering the floor of my craft room? I won’t craft.


Ya’ll. I can’t fit all the disorganization into one photo.

This becomes a big problem for me because I love to make things! My craft room is my safe haven where I can make anything I want. At least, it’s supposed to be. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time my craft room was organized and clean! Perhaps when Brittany came over and we busted out all of her wedding invitations.

That was back in February.

I don’t really know what sparked it, but one day, on my day off, I decided that I was going to organize the guest bedroom. I told myself that if I could get through all of this “crap”, I could keep it clean in case we had unexpected guests. I spent all night going through all of our leftover wedding things, boxes that Mom had brought over and all of our miscellaneous items in the closet.

Of course, it took a lot longer than it really should have because I kept getting distracted by discoveries, such as, “Oh, wow, look at this photo of me in 2nd grade with my project on display!”, or, “I can’t believe that I still have this book and haven’t read it!” .

However, I learned a trick from my doctor when I was a kid. You use an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and look through it, like it’s a spyglass, then clean only what you see through the tube! Once you’re done with that section, you move on to the next one until you’re finished. It turns a big project into many smaller projects, which are easier to accomplish. I am not sure if it works for everyone, but it certainly helps me!

While I was going through everything, I realized that the guest bedroom had somehow become our catch-all room. It was the “junk drawer” of the house. We had become used to throwing anything that didn’t have a place elsewhere into the guest room. It was okay, for a time, mainly because we were newlyweds and had just finished executing a year’s worth of planning into one massive day! We had zero motivation to do anything, much less clean and organize.

As soon as I had finished making the bed, I noted that I felt much more peaceful in the room than before. Yuki had a clear path to her food dish! I could move! I could breathe! I could SEE THE FLOOR!! I genuinely felt happier knowing that eight months of random junk had been cleared out and organized, leaving behind this pretty, welcoming guest room in it’s absence.


Someday, I’ll have the craft room even more organized and clean than it was here!

Since the end of May, I have successfully organized:

  • The guest bedroom
  • The computer room
  • The pantry
  • The guest bathroom

Next up is the garage, then the kitchen cabinets, master bathroom, and finally, the craft room. I’m saving the craft room for last because I keep finding things that ought to go in there! My creative process seems to be following me throughout the house!



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