Sister Ink Project

I haven’t had a new tattoo in years. I’ve been meaning to get one, but finances keep getting in the way. I’m not the kind of person that will just go and buy an inexpensive tattoo. I want it to be art that represents me in some way; I usually plan out tattoos well in advance.

For example, I had been wanting the angel wings on my back since my Grandma Mona passed away. She was always like my guardian angel, so I wanted something to remind me of her. She passed away when I was 17 and I finally got the tattoo when I was 19. I still wanted it after all that time!

Now that my Papa Fred has gone to be with Grandma, I’d like to get some raspberries somewhere for him, since that is what always reminds me of him.


From left to right: Me, Sam, Cathy

I’m not sure if either of my sisters follow the same mindset that I do when picking out tattoos, but all of the ones they have gotten seem to match their personality pretty well.


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Catherine, 20, now has three tattoos under her belt, which means she officially has more than me (unless you count each wing as a separate tattoo…). Sam, 18, just got her first one and it looks really good, too!

The three of us decided that we wanted a sister tattoo. You know, the (usually) cutesy “sister 5 eva” kind of tattoos you see on Pinterest. But we wanted something a little more symbolic of ourselves.

Cute, but no, thanks!

We’ve always really identified with our western zodiac signs, so we decided to make a design based off of those.

Needless to say, finding a design for all of us was a challenge. I’m a Sagittarius, Sam is an Aquarius, and Catherine is a Pisces. I had to find a set of those three zodiac designs that all three of us liked.

Aside from our signs, the three of us are all very different people. I’m into metal/JPOP music, playing video games and being a craft nerd. Catherine is a rap/hip-hop listening country girl. Sam is a die-hard hunter whose favorite color is camouflage.

I think I sent around 12 different design sets over to Cathy and Sam before we all agreed on one tribal looking set I found through a Google search.

The next step was finding a way to make them all look cohesive while making a version unique to each of us. Our first thought was for each tattoo design, the dominant sign would be larger and in color. This makes three separate designs that are still a set while remaining true to our individuality.

This sounded like a great idea, in theory, but once I sat down (a few different times…), I quickly realized that making these the way we wanted was not in my range of abilities. The design always turned out too busy or too tacky.designs.pngSo, instead, we all decided to get our individual signs instead of all three signs in one tattoo. Adding our birthdays in Roman Numerals seemed to finish the design off well enough. But something was still missing.

My husband, Brett, pointed out that they weren’t really sister tattoos, that they were more of just…tattoos that we got at the same time. He took it upon himself to research how other people had merged their signs into one tattoo. We found one that had combined Aquarius and Pisces and thought of the same general idea.

New Design Basae

We came up with this tentative design.

Of course, we wouldn’t finish on such a rough tattoo, but once I got approval from my sisters, I set to work at making it “pretty” in Paint Tool SAI.


I ended up doing what we had originally planned on, which was making the dominant sign for each person in their element’s color; Aquarius is aqua for air, Pisces is blue for water, and Sagittarius is red for fire. We can always adjust the intensity of the colors, but I liked the slight watercolor effect of these tones.

All of us agreed that these were the ones, so expect to see an update post sometime soon after we’ve had them done! I can’t wait to see them completed!

It will definitely be something to remember.


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