New Blog!

Hello, everyone! I don’t have a lot of updates this week, other than that I am starting a new blog! I’ll continue to update this one, don’t worry, but I’m very excited to start the other one.

I’m introducing MacQuest! MacQuest is essentially the quest for the best mac; macaroni and cheese, that is.

I often find myself ordering mac n’ cheese if it’s on any restaurant’s menu. While Yelp is pretty good at finding certain keywords, sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint specific menu items.

I hope that in starting MacQuest, I help find the best macaroni and cheese! I’ll start with Battle Ground, then work my way to my surrounding cities. I’ve even convinced a few friends to participate with me on occasion!

“But Candace, what if you run out of restaurants to try?”

To combat that, I’ve decided to make every other post a recipe review instead, using links from Pinterest, Food Network and other good go-to recipe sites. This way we consistently bring relevant mac content to you.

Go ahead and check out my (currently) very blank blog and throw me a follow if you’d like to be notified when my first post goes live! I’m hoping to start throwing out content by the end of September.

Thanks for reading!


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