Craft Room Update and Vinyl Transfer How-To

Today’s post is more of an update on my craft room progress as well as being a how-to. There’s a lot of photos in this one because I wanted to make sure that I could explain my process well.

I wasn’t really happy with how my current white board looked in my craft room. I wanted something that looked cleaner and more bold than my crummy handwriting. It really doesn’t help that I don’t know how to write straight, whatsoever.


Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook may remember when I made a very large vinyl decal for a customer. Her plan was to install it on an upcycled window to use as an outdoor display. It turned out really great!!


I decided to challenge myself to make a good decal to run across the top of my white board, which would make it an even longer decal than the welcome one I had made before.

Now, you’ll probably be looking through all of this and find yourself thinking “Why didn’t she just remove the board from the wall?”. That is a great question. I didn’t think of that. Luckily I’m pretty tall so I didn’t have to worry about over-extending my arms to reach anything.

I measured out the total length of the board (46.5 inches) and then decided on how tall I wanted my decal to be. I decided that five inches tall would be adequate to make a statement. I didn’t really care how long the design was; as long as it was more than half the length of the board. If the design wasn’t long enough, it would look stunted.

After taking measurements, I had to find a font that would look good. I wanted something clean and legible with a handwritten look. Once I had my font and design done, I welded the shapes together in Silhouette Studio and sent it to the Cameo to be cut. I chose teal outdoor vinyl (Oracal 651) since I wasn’t really sure that the indoor vinyl would adhere to the weird white board surface texture.

Could I have tested this? Yes. But I didn’t because I don’t have a great color selection of indoor vinyl right now.


Luckily, since this design was so big, it was really easy to weed out the excess vinyl. Once I had the excess removed, I carefully applied my transfer tape. I use the masking tape method for tape application.


Using masking tape in the center of the design, I carefully peeled back the transfer tape from its backing. Once I reached the masking tape in the middle, I cut off the backing and used my super awesome squeegee to press down the tape onto my decal.


To do the other half, I move the masking tape over just to the left of the remaining backing and repeat the previous process. I then thoroughly burnish the decal to the transfer tape using my scraper tool. I like this method because it’s essentially fool-proof!

Next, I needed to clean off my white board. Using an eraser isn’t enough, though; there was still a lot of particles and ink residue on the board.


This is where our good friend IPA, or Rubbing Alcohol, comes in. Using a paper towel and some of the cheap stuff you find in the first aid department, I went over all areas twice and then once with a less damp cloth to make sure there was no residue remaining.


Once I was satisfied with my board’s state, I went in for the alignment. Originally, I placed my decal where I thought the middle was, but couldn’t get it just so. I took the difference between the length of the design and the length of the board, divided it by two and put a mark at that measurement on one side. Then I aligned one side of my decal with the line at the height I wanted.


After that, I followed the masking tape method for application, which is exactly the same as it was for the transfer tape placement.


Before I did the second side, though, I noticed I missed a tiny piece when I was weeding the excess. Luckily this is easier to fix if you catch it before you apply the vinyl to your surface.

In the loop of my lowercase “r” was a little bit of leftover. I just used my hook tool to carefully pull it from the transfer tape. Once that was done I finished the placement and removed my masking tape.


I burnished the design really well using a scraper to adhere it well to the surface, then removed the transfer tape.

It looks so much better (and more professional) now! I finally feel like things are coming together and that my personality is coming through!


I still cannot write on vertical surfaces in a straight line, however. Maybe I should work on that next?


If you’re looking for someone to make you a super awesome decal such as this, you can either send me a request using the form on my Contact Me page, or request a custom order on my etsy shop.

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