Cosplay Changes

It pains me to say it, but it must be done.

The idea of McCrEevee is no more.

I came to this conclusion after trying (and failing) to produce a decent sketch of how the cosplay would look.

My original plan was to attach the ears to the hat, tail to the back of the chaps and make McCree’s serape a fur cloak, to better represent Eevee’s fluff.

But after sketching for the last four months and pattern searching, I just am not satisfied with how the final costume will look to continue this project.




This means that I’ll instead be making both a McCree costume and an Eevee costume.

My best friend is also making a Pokemon costume, but hers is Jigglypuff. I kid you not, I have a bag full of different pink fabrics sitting in my craft room closet waiting for the two of us to start these costumes. She’s picked up some tulle (both with and without glitter), iridescent pink, satin…I’m excited to see how well this costume comes together!

I’ll be making Eevee to go with hers. This also frees up my husband, Brett, to be able to do a normal Gary Oak.

Now that I finally have a focus, I’m excited to start planning! I’ve already started another Eevee themed project, and have to say that there are definitely a few pieces from it that I’ll be incorporating in my cosplay.


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