Cosplay Changes

It pains me to say it, but it must be done.

The idea of McCrEevee is no more.

I came to this conclusion after trying (and failing) to produce a decent sketch of how the cosplay would look.

My original plan was to attach the ears to the hat, tail to the back of the chaps and make McCree’s serape a fur cloak, to better represent Eevee’s fluff.

But after sketching for the last four months and pattern searching, I just am not satisfied with how the final costume will look to continue this project.




This means that I’ll instead be making both a McCree costume and an Eevee costume.

My best friend is also making a Pokemon costume, but hers is Jigglypuff. I kid you not, I have a bag full of different pink fabrics sitting in my craft room closet waiting for the two of us to start these costumes. She’s picked up some tulle (both with and without glitter), iridescent pink, satin…I’m excited to see how well this costume comes together!

I’ll be making Eevee to go with hers. This also frees up my husband, Brett, to be able to do a normal Gary Oak.

Now that I finally have a focus, I’m excited to start planning! I’ve already started another Eevee themed project, and have to say that there are definitely a few pieces from it that I’ll be incorporating in my cosplay.

Where it All Started


I was a huge Doctor Who freak when this was taken. This Weeping Angel was so nice when she wasn’t trying to devour my unspent life!

My first costume that I actually crafted something on was this cute Link costume from Emerald City Comiccon (Seattle) 2014. It was my second year attending the convention and I wanted to do more than I had the year before. Year one I kind of just threw on a Sheik pinafore from Darling Army and didn’t do much else.

Darling Army is a great cosplay alternative for people who like cute, nerdy things, so it was right up my alley! I love all of her original pinafore designs. I actually have 3 of them, and they’re all Legend of Zelda designs (two Link, one is Sheik)!! I had lost a ton of weight before this con, too, so they actually wrapped completely around my waist and fit correctly! They don’t fit anymore, but I’m still holding on to them!


I lost my shit when I saw this girl’s Kael’thas!

My wig was from Epic Cosplay because I saw Missyeru advertising it on her Facebook page. I had not discovered Arda Wigs at the time, which I much prefer now. The wig was alright but it didn’t have much color depth; it was all just one solid blonde/yellow. It was affordable and decent quality, though. I really didn’t mess with the styling too much.

I got my petticoat and tights from Leg Avenue and my boots were a JustFab “splurge” (I am still skipping the month on that stuff 3 years later…$40 for a pair of shoes at the time was a lot!). Honestly, they are pretty comfortable and I didn’t have a problem walking around the convention center all day with them on. I still wear them as my default leggings shoes! I wish I had managed to get a good green tank top instead of that black one I’m wearing (and probably still have…cough). Finally, my ears are from Aradani Studios on Etsy; they’re great quality and their spirit gum really stays.

Now that I’ve listed all of this, you’re probably thinking, ‘Wait, you said you crafted something for this…’

Yes. Yes I did.


One of the many selfies I took that does not show my costume…at all.

See that green thing on my head? Yeah, I fabric-glued a green colored fat quarter (cotton quilting fabric) to a headband to make a kind of peasant bandana. I didn’t want to make (or buy) a Link Hat because I had close to zero sewing skills at this point. I got a bunch of those binder clips and made my headband the night before the convention in the hotel room. Ashlee and River can vouch for me.

I’m really disappointed that I don’t have more photos from this convention. I have a few selfies but nothing really substantial.

I’d say that this is probably my first cosplay; I actually thought it through and pieced together what I thought made a good costume. I had a couple of people take my picture, too, which made it feel more real, I suppose.

I ended up skipping the dress-up in 2015. I can’t remember why. Perhaps I was still practicing my crafting skills? Laziness? More than likely I wasn’t motivated or procrastinated.


Me, left, as Ariel and Erin, right, as Rapunzel!

Last year (2016), I worked with my best friend, Erin, to make Ariel and Rapunzel inspired peasant dresses with corsets. Her wig was ridiculously amazing and she kept getting compliments on it all day! I made the dresses, corsets and my tiara. I even bought an over-sized serving fork, oops, I mean, a dinglehopper!


Have to make sure Rapunzel’s hair is in tip-top shape!

I learned a lot while making these ones. For instance,

  1. The “boning” that they sell at Joann’s is NOT GOOD for corsets that are intended to be used in tight-lacing (which is what mine were). Next time I’ll splurge and go with spiral steel.
  2. Simply taking the cups out of an overbust corset pattern does not mean it will make a good underbust corset. Our breasts were perfect spheres and it was very strange.
  3. Marking the sides of fabric is important in square skirt construction…
  4. Brocade is a pain in the ass to work with.
  5. Oh, and so is satin.
  6. Corsets are a pain in the ass to make, too.

However, we had so much fun dressing up as them and working until the last minute (I haven’t learned anything from that link headband). My shell tiara was made in our hotel room the night before the convention.


Pardon the over-edited photo.

I also dressed up as Francine to go with Erin’s Muffy costume (from Arthur!). I helped her sew/assemble her jumper! These really did turn out well, but I was sweating so badly from the (VERY HEAVY) sweatshirt once we got into the convention that I didn’t keep it on for very long.


That is a perfect Muffy face, quite honestly.

It’s nice to look back at what I’ve done and how I can improve. I can honestly say that I probably won’t be using fabric glue again any time soon.


Cosplay Progress: McCrEevee

When I first decided that I would start cosplaying, I collected hundreds of pins for tutorials and tips for crafting a first-time cosplay. Honestly, I’ve thrown most of them out of my cosplay Pinterest board, but the one that has consistently stuck around from the beginning is one that involves creating a furry, fluffy tail out of yarn.

Yes. Yarn.


Everything you need! I like listening to podcasts while I work.

I was skeptical, too, even after reading all of the steps and seeing their photos in progress.

However, I can honestly say that it is probably one of the most realistic, swishy tails I have seen. Sure, you could buy a bunch of faux fur and sew it together, then turn it right-side-out, but I feel like this offers a more customizable version. This is great for fox or wolf tails!

The tutorial is available here, if you’d like to take a look.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Instead of using any acrylic yarn, though, I decided to go for a super bulky variety, more specifically, the Lion Brand Hometown USA kind. It’s just the right amount of bulk and it comes in a large quantity of colors. I went a little overkill on how many I thought I’d need…I’m halfway done with the tail and have only used a roll and a half!


Here’s my current progress!

Keep in mind that the more yarn present, the more yarn that will become unusable. I’ve stuffed 2 plastic shopping bags full of the fallout as of this moment. Believe me, you want to keep it in one contained area, otherwise you’ll wake up sneezing from yarn bits in your nose. Not that I have experienced that or anything.

I also received my 3D printed prop pieces! It was actually pretty fun to assemble. The gun fits well in my hand and I totally feel like a BAMF.

I learned a few things from this process, including:

  1. If you can’t sand the ridges enough, fill with bondo!
  2. Spray PlastiDip outside, even if you have a ventilated area and spray booth!
  3. Prime each piece separately before assembly!
  4. Paint each piece separately before assembly!
  5. Seal each piece separately before assembly!

Primed with PlastiDip and ready to paint!

If I had the money, I would do my Peacekeeper all over again. I feel like I really messed up and the final result won’t reflect the quality that I want it to. Brett says it still looks good, so maybe I’m just being a little hard on myself (usually the case).

I’m nearly done with the paint job, then I’ll be able to seal everything and glue the last few pieces together!

I have the fabric for the chaps and the fur part of the serape, so we will see if I can manage a pattern or two on my own…

Eevee Cosplay with a Twist

This super adorable fluffy-nugget!

This week I’m going to cover a few things about my upcoming cosplay, Eevee, and how it changed from being a standard gijinka into a crazy mashup!!

I wanted to create a gijinka (a humanized idea of a non-human character) that would be a little more on the steampunk side. I had no clue how much research I was going to be doing to make sure that I am following the right steps ( while also not looking like I was thrown up out of a Halloween catalog)!

There are so many great Eevee gijinkas out there in the world! I was trying to research a way for this to be true to my own style, while making sure I didn’t look too much like I was copying someone else, or using an existing art design (such as Tamtamdi or SunsetDragon’s designs).

Let me tell you, brainstorming is one of the hardest parts of the cosplay process for me.

At first, I was going to sew a standard knee-length dress out of a suede fabric (for texture), and design a corset to be worn over the dress. I’d add accessories, too, such as shoulder armor, hat, goggles, etc. But the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t like the idea.

But then, I thought, What makes a steampunk costume cool? Robotic parts! Every costume I’ve seen that I have liked has had a robot-style arm. Could I even make something like that?

Credit: SkinzNhydez on Etsy

I started thinking about other versions of steampunk I’ve seen, because there seems to be no wrong way to do it. I thought of the hi-low hem, burlesque style skirts that I often see people wearing in steampunk. The outfit I was envisioning reminded me of an old-west saloon girl.

Before I knew it, I was planning more of a cowboy theme to go with my eevee costume than I was steampunk. But something about the futuristic pieces that scream “steampunk” was still nagging me. I want to do robot parts!I want to do some form of futuristic design! I WANT TO MAKE A ROBOT ARM.

And then, in the middle of the cleanroom at my job, it hit me.



Robot arm.

Brown color scheme.

His name even ends in “ee”!

Hold on to your butts! (Credit: Miguel Mercado)

I will become a walking pun!


…and now I have an entirely new process to go through. How am I going to blend these two characters into something recognizable? What have I done to myself.